Collaborative law

Collaborative law focuses on resolving family law disputes with minimal conflict and without going to court.

How does it work?

You and your former partner will both work with a collaboratively-trained lawyer. You’ll also sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement which states that neither of you will threaten the use of court.

Using accountants, financial advisers, mediators, psychologists and other professionals, we focus on problem-solving, reaching a mutually acceptable settlement without court proceedings and preserving dignity and respect.

Why collaborative law?

This approach removes the worry and apprehension – and costs – that court proceedings and conflict bring. It also puts you and your children front and centre during the decision-making process, allows tailored solutions and encourages ongoing dialogue and harmony.

Is it suitable for my situation?

Collaborative law isn’t for everyone or every situation. However, it may work particularly well if you and your former partner:

  • see the benefit in protecting your children from the damage litigation can cause
  • accept personal responsibility in moving forward
  • believe it’s important to create emotionally healthy solutions for your family
  • are willing to make full and frank disclosure about financial issues.

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